Be our guest at Pauly's Cafe - Offering a cultured, intimate dining experience in St. Marys' Historic District

A Little About Pauly's Cafe

Founded in 1995 and managed by Chef Pauly, Pauly's Cafe offers tasty, affordable and fresh fare for your entire family.

That's what we call the Pauly's Cafe Signature Experience.

At Pauly's Cafe, our sole intent is to provide you - our valued guest - with a culinary adventure that is seldom matched and never bested.

The freshest seafood, carefully cut choice beef, perfectly prepared pastas, and even mouthwatering desserts, all created at your beck and call. 

Eat in and be waited on by our friendly staff or take out a lunch or dinner to enjoy wherever you care to be, the choice is yours.

However you choose, we sincerely look forward to your visit.

And, as always, Benvenuto!

102 Osborne Street, St. Marys, GA | 912-882-3944